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How can...?

How can I get an online appointment?

You can consult us by filling in the Online consultationf form, if you can't come in person. Consultation in person is strictly by appointment (call the mobile number for an appointment).


How Online Consultations works?

If the patient in abroad and cannot come in persion, You can consult us by filling in the Online consultation form. Once it registered, we will send you the consultation fee details to your email. After confirm the payment we will give an online appoinment time to chat with Doctor.

How to pay for consultation and medicine?
Fees and payments can do by various methods like Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer, Moneygram, Bank Transfer, NEFT etc.


How I get the medicines?
We send medicinse through parcel service only for patients in abroad. You will get medicine within 3-4 days after consultation.


What I have to do after the payment?

After the payment, you have to send an email/fax or call with the information of "Name of the Patient, Method of Payment, Amount, Date of payment etc.


How I can send money by Western Union?

Please call or email to find out the name of the person in whose favor the Western Union money could be sent. After making the said payment, you are supposed to send a 10 digit "Money Transfer Control Number" (MTCN) by email.

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