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Welcome to Daya hospital Daya Hospital is an institution situated in pathappiriyam near manjeri at the state of Kerala, India. It established in 1979, Now it is one of the well equipped Hospitals in India. Where almost all major diseases are treated scientifically. Now this Hospital is Well Known in India and abroad. Patients from different parts of India and Abroad like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, USA and a few European Countries are also approaching the hospital for the treatment and medical advice.

Our mission is to restore the sick to health by providing quality medical service in a simple, easy, harmless, and economic way so that the suffering patients can feel the real health, happiness and peace of mind. We are also engaged in propagating the therapeutic efficiency of Homeopathy allopathy and acupuncture all over the world.

Combination of modern medicine and homeopathy

In acute conditions, allopathy, no doubt, acts as a miracle but to cure the cause, homoeopathy is indispensable. In brief we found homeopathy is safer, cheaper, curative and easily available. However, it cannot replace absolute surgical cases or life saving antibiotics and there can be counteracted the side effects of allopathic drugs with homeopathy, made the pre-operative and post-operative surgical treatment smoother and comfortable with homeopathy.

Keeping in mind to CURE patient safely rather than only treating and that also with side-effects, we are using homoeopathy, and at other times, allopathy, and sometimes both, where they are complimentary to each other.

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Special Treatments Some of our Specialized Treatments are Cervical spondylosis, Stones in Urinary Tract, Asthma and Bronchitis, Haemorrhoids(piles), All Cancers, Migraine, Rheumatoid arthritis and gout, Meniere's disease, Tonsillitis, Hemiplegia, I.B.S, Osteo arthritis, Motor neuron disease(MND), Thyroid Complaints, Cerebral palsy, Stones in Gall Bladder and pancreas, Prostate enlargement, Ulcerative colitis, Epilepsy, Uncontrolled diabetis, Hyperlipidemia[Raised cholesterol], Diabetic foot, Non healing ulcers, Allergic disorders, Mental retardation in children, Behavior abnormalities in children, Fibroids in uterus and cystic diseases in ovary, etc Read more
Online Treatment Online consultations division has started for patients living abroad. You can pay the amount through western union money transfer or using your credit. We will send medicine through parcel service Read more

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